Custom Development
SOA Consultancy
We create custom apps using native device toolkits. These apps enable you to leverage every feature that devices and their respective operating systems have to offer. Whether you are interested in an app for the enterprise or for the public app store, we can help.

Our consultants have over 15 years experience developing with Java, utilizing leading technologies and frameworks. We strive to adopt and innovate our own Java based products as well as our enterprise customer solutions and contribute to various open source projects.

If you have an app idea that may help your business, no matter the size; our collection of operational efficiency programs may have just the right core element to make it easy to build! Thereby, helping reduce your investment costs and providing us the opportunity to be able to help you and your business!

Offering over 15 years of enterprise integration consultancy experience, in addition to iOS and bespoke Java EE software development expertise. We also provide flexible, economical and agile consulting engagements to assist or lead your next project.

Golden Flag consultants have experience with some of the largest enterprise companies in the world spanning numerous vertical industries including financial, agricultural, logistics and environmental waste. With this behind us, we are able to be of service to any size business.

Steps we take in all our projects

In every project we work on, we take a list of important steps that allow us to grant the satisfaction of our client...always....
Your time is limited, so we work with you to storyboard what you believe your business needs to run smoothly
We've worked with the best in the industry, so brainstorming with you on how we can bring the best of the bests' ideas to ensure your business operations run at an optimum level is our primary goal
From research to development, all of our experts simulate your operational processes continuously and work with your subject matter experts to ensure integration is flawless
Quality assurance and comprehensive testing is done to ensure a launch that is easiest for our clients
Finalization & Ongoing Support
At this point, our job is not yet done as we continue to work with our clients by providing support and continued observation to see what can be done to improve and enhance
Let us know what your business app idea is!
We can build it for you!