Connect and Mobilize Your Workforce

The Golden Flag Connect platform is a unique integration solution that can securely mobilize your business processes to help overcome operational challenges and maximize competitive advantage.

Connect Platform

The Golden Flag Connect platform is a unique integration solution that can device-enable any number of your organization's systems to help overcome operational challenges and maximize competitive advantage.

The recent advances in mobile device technology have introduced a significant operational challenge that when embraced, can provide significant competitive advantage.

    • Dynamic modular design results in one app with extensible functionality
    • A web platform is your central authentication and customization cloud for Connect devices
    • Integration with legacy and non-legacy systems using standards based technologies
Reduce Challenges

The flexible and dynamic design of the Connect platform allows you to meet your business needs across various organizational units with a single device application.

Centralised user management provides full access control and customization for Connect-enabled devices.

A consistent deployment model, central management and uniform user experience help to reduce adoption challenges and time to market. Get results quicker. Get Connected.


A key feature of the Connect platform is the ability to integrate with different heterogeneous applications to meet the mobile needs of your business.

This is made possible by adopting a design that allows logical functionality to be encapsulated as a module and simply added to the platform.

The Connect Web Platform provides an access point into your business systems to enable end-to-end integration.

Enhance Processes

Geo-location, imagery, audio and video data is at the fingertips of your Connect-enabled device users. Taking advantage of this type of data via the Connect platform can introduce a whole new level of experience for your customer base and workforce.

Being able to identify the location of goods and personnel in real-time or capturing proof of delivery can significantly add value to your business, maximizing your competitive advantage.


The majority of organizations have several rounds of system integration under their belt already. Whilst these systems may now be integrated, this still likely means that the workforce needs to be in front of workstations to interact with the systems they depend on to get their jobs done.

The Connect platform can help remove this restriction and ensure that your systems are accessible whenever AND wherever they need to be. Freedom.

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